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OHL 7th Single「ぼくらの「」」On Sale!!


OHL New Single 'ぼくらの「」' はOHLが個人事務所を設立してから約1年の間に経験してきた「喜怒哀楽」の感情を軸に7人全員が作詞作曲に携わり


さらにメンバーGENがミックスまで担当し、細かな音作りにまで徹底的に "OHLらしさ" を追い求めた。

OHL's new single, 'Bokurano ""' is a meticulously crafted song that revolves around the emotions of joy, anger, sadness, and happiness that OHL has experienced over the past year since establishing their talent agency.

All seven members were involved in the songwriting process, pouring their heart and soul into it. This time, each member took charge of producing their own vocal parts, ensuring a thorough commitment to their individual expressions. 

The real emotions expressed directly from their own mouths blend with the distorted electric guitar tones and the high-energy band sound, creating an even more emotionally uplifting experience. Furthermore, member GEN took on the mixing process, relentlessly pursuing the essence of "OHL-ness" down to the smallest details of sound design.

Lyrics : OHL
Music : OHL,TSINGTAO,Sorato

Mixed by : GEN (from OHL)
Producer : GEN

Artist Management : OHL Inc.
Product Management : 1HUNDRED MUSIC

Special Thanks : ALL OF PIECE

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