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OHL 6th Single「Change Ma Life」 On Sale!!


OHL 6th Single「Change Ma Life」は 己の概念を壊しながら、どんな状況であろうが挑戦し続け、意地でも7人で駆け上がって行く という決意を強く込めて作った渾身のナンバー。

"今までに無かったものを追求する" をテーマに制作に取り組んだ。
さらに制作陣としてBTSなども手がけるRYUJAが今回も参加し、TOKYO SOUND STUDIOにてレコーディングが行われた。


OHL 6th single "Change Ma Life" is a passionate number created with a strong determination to continue challenging ourselves and climbing up with all seven members, no matter what the situation, while shattering our own concepts. It holds great value in showcasing proof precisely because there is no support to rely on.

The lyrics and composition were done by the members themselves, with GEN, KANNA, and SHURU focusing on the theme of "Pursuing something that has never been done before" in their production. Additionally, producer RYUJA, known for his work with BTS among others, once again participated in the production.

The recording took place at TOKYO SOUND STUDIO.

Furthermore, it has been decided to release music for three consecutive weeks. Apart from this release, please also look forward to "Periodt." and "SENSUAL."

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