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OHL 1th Mini Album「PEACE ONE」On Sale!!


OHL 1st Mini Album『PEACE ONE』 3週連続でのリリースをした「Periodt.」「SENSUAL」「Change Ma Life」を収録。OHL(ONE HUNDRED LIMINAL)をこれまで支えてくれた全ての"PEACE"への思い。そしてグループ存続をかけて所属事務所を立ち上げ、後ろ盾なしでも挑戦していくという”意志"を同時に表現した本作品。

OHL 1st Mini Album 'PEACE ONE' includes the consecutive releases of "Periodt.," "SENSUAL," and "Change Ma Life." It expresses the thoughts and feelings of OHL (ONE HUNDRED LIMINAL) towards all the "PEACE" that has supported them so far. This album also represents our determination to establish our own agency and continue challenging ourselves without any backing.

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